• Better skills. Better skydives.


  • My vision

    Better skills. Better skydives.

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    Laugh. Learn. Love skydiving.

    My coaching is for people who dream about being better flyers. Who believe that the only way to progress at flat flying isn't 4wayFS, it isn't excruciating dirt diving on creepers, it isn't about winning or losing.

    Dynamic6 is for people who want to expand and improve their skillset in a fun and social environment.

    I try and bring that love for our sport and embrace it across all aspects of my coaching. Even the most basic of coaching is usually done in a group of three. It's social, it's shared and it's just more fun.

  • Tunnel Flying Options

    Better skills. Better skydives.

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    Options options options

    Totally flexible way to learn flat flying.

    Tunnel flying will super-charge your learning experience. 60mins tunnel is equivalent to 90 skydives. Except the coach is stood right there, there's immediate video debrief and there's no plane or canopy ride to distract you from your goals. Oh, and you don't have to pack either. Win win.

    90 skydives = £1800 (at least) plus coaching

    60mins solo tunnel = £690 including coaching

  • Dynamic6

    Better skills. Better skydives.

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    The cheapest, most intense tunnel flying you can do.

    Dynamic6 - 60mins flying £140 offpeak /£165 weekend

    D6 is for people with more control, who have experience of flying through people's burbles in the tunnel. D6 is a little cheaper obviously but is more crashy if not done right.


    The cheapest tunnel you'll ever fly. And often the most intense too. Minimal dirt diving, definitely no creepers, no grips. There's no time to rest and you're hardly ever static. Constant movement is the goal. It's a big tunnel and we want to use all of it. If you're not flying over someone you probably have someone flying over you. Occasionally with someone flying over them at the same time too.


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  • Dynamic4

    Better skills. Better skydives.

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    D6's baby brother.

    Dynamic4 - 60mins flying £235 offpeak /£270 weekend


    D4 is open to anyone who has FS1, has about an hour of tunnel already and has flown in the tunnel fairly recently.


    D4 allows for more learning, there's more space in the tunnel. Less people to land on or be landed on by. :-)

    D4 can also be faster than D6, less brains to synchronise. And it's where I try out all the new moves before I brave them with 6ppl. I'm starting to experiment with putting backfly into this too.

  • Solo FS Coaching

    Better skills. Better skydives.

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    Solo FS Coaching

    Totally flexible way to learn flat flying.

    Solo FS coaching. 20mins. £235/£270 (off-peak/peak)
    Suitable for those:

    • wanting to be AAA ninjas, 
    • wanting to work on specific bigway skills,  
    • wanting to get their FS1 or 
    • wanting to get their AFF. 

    ie it is for all levels of flat flying.

    Secret sauce: I try and find three people of a similar standard to share an hour. The first ten mins would be working on solo skills. With three people this would be 30mins rotating over an hour.

    We'd then have a 30min break. Drink, eat, fuel, bathroom, time to decompress, catch your breath and also, make a better plan for the second half. The second 10mins per person, so 30mins total (rotating over an hour) will likely be shared. Depending on how safe people are and the goals of the individual it's likely that although you'd pay for 20mins flying time, you end up flying maybe 40mins total.

    Super secret sauce: the amount of unconscious learning that happens in that 30min break always surprises me. Just getting back in a second time improves skills and confidence. If you mastered the skills in the first half, the second half will improve your confidence about being able to use that skill on demand, ie your next jump.

    If you didn't master that skill, we get to review your body position, make some corrections, watch the video and tailor the plan accordingly.

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  • Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    BigWay FS Skills



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    Solo FS Skills - video coming soon.

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    AFF Skills - video coming soon.

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